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MSPB Discipline & Removal: Washington DC Federal Employees

Protecting The Rights Of Federal Government Employees In Maryland, Virginia And The District Of Columbia

Most federal employees have a great deal invested in their public service careers. It takes years to climb the ladder and become eligible for full pension. It can all come crashing down if you clash with your supervisor or end up on management’s bad side.

At the Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we realize that disciplinary actions can end or plateau a person’s federal sector career. Our law practice exclusively handles federal employment cases, including employees targeted for suspension, demotion or removal.

We serve those who work for federal agencies in the nation’s capitol, including federal employees in Baltimore, Bethesda, Arlington, Alexandria, Fairfax and surrounding areas of Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and the District of Columbia. Contact our Washington, DC, office to arrange your free consultation.

Experienced Representation For MSPB Discipline And Removal

Where private sector employees can be hired or fired at will, the Civil Service Reform Act and the Merit Systems Protection Board provide federal employees with specified due process rights. With an experienced attorney, the MSPB may be your lifeline to retain your federal job or to reverse an unfair termination or disciplinary action.

The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., advises and represents federal employees at all stages of the discipline and removal process:

Discipline usually refers to reduction in grade (demotion) or a suspension of more than 14 days. Such a decision can negatively impact compensation, promotions, pensions, work assignments and future prospects in the federal sector. Removal means termination from employment, in many cases a permanent “blacklisting” from other federal jobs. The rules differ with each agency, but the effect on one’s federal career is universal.

Bobby Devadoss was employed by two federal agencies earlier in his career, and he now represents federal employees who are at risk of losing everything because management “has it in” for them. His goal is to avoid disciplinary actions on the front end or convince the MSPB to overturn a wrongful suspension, demotion or termination.

We Know How To Fight Back

Management officials have an arsenal of resources, including access to anything in your employee file or personal life that can be used to maneuver you for a conduct or performance action. The investigation and written proposal are merely formalities to them, or a way to walk you right into their trap.

Bobby Devadoss is skilled at exposing the agency’s motives and tactics and convincing the MSPB that there is no basis for drastic employment action. He can advocate effectively at any stage, from asserting your rights in the employee investigation to appealing the agency’s decision after it has followed through with its plan.

Free Consultation For Washington, DC, Federal Employees

If you fear management is angling to have you suspended, demoted or fired from your federal job, contact The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., without further delay. To arrange a free consultation with employment attorney Bobby Devadoss, please e-mail us call our Washington, DC, office at or call . We also have offices in Dallas and Atlanta, and our lawyer handles cases nationwide.