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Employee Investigations of Federal Workers in Dallas

Texas Federal Employees Accused Of Misconduct

There is no presumption of innocence in an employee investigation. The purpose of these probes is to find evidence of wrongdoing to justify taking disciplinary action against you. Whether you are being singled out or investigated based on an anonymous tip, you do have rights in this process.

If you have been questioned or suspect you are under investigation, The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., can intervene to assert your rights and protect your interests. From our office in Dallas, we represent federal government employees in the DFW area, Houston, San Antonio, Austin and statewide.

Employee investigations are often a prelude to demotion, suspension or termination. Call us today at 888-351-0424 or toll free at 888-351-0424, or send us an e-mail to arrange a free consultation with attorney Bobby Devadoss.

Allegations Of Criminal Activity Or Conduct Unbecoming

If you are accused of criminal acts, you must be given the Miranda warning prior to your arrest or interrogation. If the allegations are noncriminal in nature, you will be given the Garrity/Kalkines warning. There is a critical difference — the Miranda warning recognizes your right to refuse to answer investigators’ questions, while the Garrity/Kalkines warning requires you to respond truthfully to questioning by the investigating agent.

These conflicting warnings are just one example of the serious and complex issues that arise in federal employee investigations. The process is designed to trip you up with your own words or box you in. You need an experienced federal employment lawyer to vigorously represent you to protect your job and your federal government career. We will guide you through the phases of the investigation to hopefully avoid criminal charges or disciplinary actions.

Free Consultation — Reasonable Fees

Contact us to discuss your case with a Dallas federal employee investigations lawyer. Bobby Devadoss has dealt with virtually all U.S. government agencies. We offer free initial consultations, and our fee structures are designed to meet your needs.