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Federal Workers’ Compensation Laws

Workers’ compensation laws differ for federal employees as opposed to state employees or those who are employed by private companies. It does not matter which state you are located in. If you are a federal employee who suffers an on-the-job injury, your compensation claim will be governed by federal law. That is why it is important to seek representation from a legal team that understands the nuances of the federal workers’ comp system.

At The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., our lawyers handle federal workers’ compensation claims for all types of government employees. If you have been injured at work, contact us online or call 888-351-0424 to schedule a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

Federal Disability Compensation Programs

Federal workers’ compensation claims are administered by the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs (OWCP), a division of the Department of Labor. There are four major disability compensation programs administered by the OWCP that are designed to provide federal workers or their dependents benefits for job-related injuries or occupational diseases. These four main programs are:

  • Division of Federal Employees’ Compensation (DFEC)
  • Division of Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation (DEEOIC)
  • Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation (DLHWC)
  • Division of Coal Mine Workers’ Compensation (DCMWC)

Regardless of which category you fall under, the purpose of all these programs is the same, which is to provide relief from the financial burdens that result from workplace injuries or occupational diseases. Although this sounds simple enough, the actual process of applying for and receiving workers’ compensation benefits can be complicated. Our attorneys can help guide you through the initial application process and appeal denied claims. We are committed to helping you get the assistance you need.

Contact Our Federal Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

We can explain how federal workers’ compensation laws apply to your case and help you explore your options. Contact us online or call 888-351-0424 to learn more. We represent federal employees throughout the United States from our offices in Dallas, Atlanta and Washington, D.C.