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MSPB Attorney for Misconduct Actions

Representing Federal Employees Nationwide Who Face
Conduct-Based Suspension, Demotion Or Termination

Under the Civil Service Reform Act, federal agency employers can discipline or remove an employee for substandard performance or unacceptable conduct. Because performance-based actions are harder to substantiate, management will often cite misconduct when angling to get rid of any employee.

The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., represents federal employees facing discipline or removal for misconduct. Our legal team strives to salvage your job, your retirement benefits and everything you have worked for. With offices in Dallas, Washington, DC, and Atlanta, we represent federal government employees throughout the United States in the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) due process proceedings.

Misconduct As Grounds For Disciplinary Action

Each federal agency has a laundry list of prohibited behaviors that constitute misconduct or “conduct unbecoming a federal employee.” Some misconduct is criminal or egregious, such as sexual harassment, smoking marijuana or falsifying documents. Other unacceptable conduct may be less serious or less clearly defined, such as absence without leave, misuse of government property or insubordination. Inappropriate conduct can also apply to off-duty behavior, such as gambling or a DWI arrest.

Employee investigations are usually conducted by the agency’s inspector general or internal affairs department. These investigators are not neutral — their goal is to elicit a confession or contradictory statements that can be used against the employee to justify disciplinary actions. You should talk to a lawyer before you say anything to investigators, especially if you are suspected of criminal activity.

Attorney Bobby Devadoss has successfully challenged misconduct allegations to avoid suspension or termination and to help clients preserve their jobs and pay grade. If the investigation has taken place, he will carefully craft a response to proposed discipline to refute the evidence or establish objections for later MSPB hearings and appeals.

We Understand What Is At Stake

At The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we explore the underlying motivation for misconduct actions. In many cases, our client has been singled out for retaliation for filing complaints or targeted for discriminatory reasons. Were other employees held to a different standard? Does management have a grudge?

From his background as a federal agency attorney, Bobby Devadoss knows that management officials have probably discussed the case with many people before proposing disciplinary measures and documenting the alleged misconduct to justify their actions. You need an experienced attorney who can assert your rights and challenge the agency’s evidence to protect your job and your career.

Early involvement of an attorney gives you the best hope of a favorable outcome. If you are accused of misconduct in your federal government position, call us toll free at 888-351-0424 to arrange a free consultation, or contact us online.