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The Appeals Process

Protecting Your Rights in Workers Compensation Appeals

If your claim for federal workers compensation is denied by the Office of Workers Compensation Programs (OWCP), your case is far from over. This denial is not the final decision and you are entitled to file a workers compensation appeal.

If you are a federal employee who suffered a serious work-related injury, only to have your workers compensation claim and subsequent scheduled award denied, the attorneys at The Devadoss Law Firm will help you with the complex process of appealing that decision.

Workers Compensation Denials are Not the Final Word

Understandably, you may be confused when you receive a letter denying you the benefits you deserve. You were injured on the job, yet rejected in your request to receive federal workers compensation. Like others, you may just want to give up. That is where we can help you. At the Devadoss Law Firm, your attorney will thoroughly examine your case, using the 30-day period to file a workers compensation appeal.

Getting Questions Answers and Bringing Facts to Light

We share your need to know why your federal workers compensation claim was denied. When the OWCP will not give you the answers you need, we will advocate on your behalf to get those answers. The smallest oversight on their part may have led to the denial. They may have even failed to review vital medical information.

Whatever mistake was made or step that was not taken, we will aggressively bring that information to light and seek reconsideration in the form of a workers compensation appeal.

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