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Reverse Discrimination

Texas Federal Employment Lawyer

Reverse discrimination is discrimination. In the workplace, decisions simply cannot be made on the basis of one party’s membership in a protected class. If you have been the victim of reverse discrimination, you have just as much right to take action as anyone else who suffers from discriminatory actions at work. The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., can help.

Examples of Reverse Discrimination in the Federal Sector

In federal government jobs, reverse discrimination often presents itself in hiring or promoting. Federal law protects workers of all races and skin colors and both genders from employment discrimination.

To put it in plain words, if a “white/caucasian” person and a “non-white/caucasian” person apply for the same job, and the “non-white/caucasian” person gets the position even though the “white/caucasian” person was more qualified, reverse discrimination may have taken place. Similarly, if a male and a female are up for the same promotion, and the female gets the promotion even though the male’s qualifications made him the more appropriate candidate, there may be a case of reverse discrimination. Please be advised that each case is different and therefore cases must be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Reverse discrimination can become particularly evident in terms of disciplinary actions. If a man and a woman are accused of the same wrongdoing, and the man gets a suspension while the female gets a letter of reprimand, reverse discrimination may have taken place. Again, one has to look at the totality of the circumstances involved in each case in determining whether a charge of reverse discrimination would be appropriate.

Committed to Results in These Sensitive Cases

When you choose our law firm, you will have an attorney on your side who understands that these are sensitive matters. We also know that everyone wants to be treated fairly. Nobody wants to receive positive treatment just because they are a member of a protected class, and nobody wants to receive negative treatment for the same reason.

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Contact us to discuss your case with a Dallas reverse discrimination lawyer. We offer free case evaluations, and our fee structures are designed to meet your needs.