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MSPB Discipline and Removal: Texas Federal Employees

Experienced Federal Employment Law Attorney In Dallas

The average federal employee is over the age of 45 and has worked for the U.S. government for 17 years. Many federal employees stay with one agency intending to retire. But everything you have invested and everything you have achieved may be in jeopardy.

Being fired, demoted or suspended is a setback in any line of work. At The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., we understand that disciplinary actions can be career-ending in the federal sector. Our law practice is devoted to protecting those careers.

We represent employees of virtually all federal agencies, including federal employees who work in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, statewide in Texas and nationwide. To arrange your free consultation, call our Dallas office at or call toll free at , or e-mail us.

MSPB Discipline And Removal Proceedings

Unlike the private sector, federal employees have specific due process rights in disciplinary proceedings. The Merit Systems Protection Board oversees the federal merit systems, reviewing agency compliance and adjudicating complaints brought by federal employees.

The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., provides a full array of services to employees who are at risk of discipline or removal, including counsel and representation for:

Removal refers to termination from a particular position or agency, but it has the practical effect of separating that person from all federal employment opportunities. Discipline refers to demotion (reduction in grade), suspension, letters of reprimand and other actions which appear on one’s record and may affect pay, job duties, advancement, security clearance and pension benefits.

The rules differ from agency to agency and there are separate rules for probationary/provisionary employees. Trial lawyer Bobby Devadoss formerly advised two federal agencies in employment and labor matters, and has since devoted his private practice exclusively to representing federal employees. He uses his insights and litigation skills to (a) help clients avoid disciplinary action or (b) seek redress such as reinstatement or compensatory damages.

They Have The Advantage. You Need To Level The Playing Field.

The rules, laws and regulations governing federal employees clearly state that management officials should properly investigate a matter and then let the results of that investigation dictate what actions would be appropriate in a given case. That is, before initiating an adverse performance or conduct action against a federal employee, the agency’s management officials should conduct an unbiased and thorough investigation.

However, our experience has been that management makes up its mind to discipline or terminate an employee and then works backward to steer the person to that outcome. As a federal employee you must be aware that your management officials have access to a wide array of resources such as human recourse personnel, staffing experts, retirement experts, labor and employee relations specialists and agency attorneys. They use these resources to help them reach their desired outcome. By the time that the employee is notified of an investigation or proposed sanctions, in most cases the writing is already on the wall.

Have you had conflicts with supervisors or filed claims of discrimination or harassment against the agency? Do you sense that you are being scrutinized or made to “jump through hoops”? If your day-to-day working conditions have taken a turn for the worse, it is probably a prelude to adverse employment action. You should contact an attorney at the earliest opportunity to safeguard your rights and to avoid being railroaded into a demotion or discharge.

Bobby Devadoss can intervene at any stage of the discipline and removal process to position you for the most favorable outcome. He is skilled at seeing the big picture of management’s tactics and convincing the MSPB or EEOC that the termination or disciplinary action was not merited.

Free Consultation For Texas Federal Employees

If you are facing suspension, grade reduction or wrongful termination from your federal job, The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., can help. To arrange a free consultation with Dallas employment lawyer Bobby Devadoss, please contact our firm today.