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MSPB: Federal Employees In Texas

Dallas Attorney For Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) Advocacy

The Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) provides due process to federal government employees who are facing demotion (reduction in step or grade), suspension or removal (termination). The MSPB oversees disciplinary actions based on alleged misconduct or poor performance, although often the true motivation is retaliation, discrimination, politics or personality conflicts.

MSPB proceedings can be confusing and intimidating, and your career and pension may be in jeopardy. Management will have lawyers to defend their position and you should have an experienced attorney advocating for you.

The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., with an office in Dallas, represents federal employees across Texas and nationwide. If you are under investigation or facing adverse employment actions for performance or conduct, we are ready to help. Call today at or toll-free at , or send us an e-mail to arrange your free consultation.

Representing Texas Federal Employees In MSPB Proceedings

Attorney Bobby Devadoss focuses solely on federal employment law. He and his team provide comprehensive representation in all phases of Merit Systems Protection Board proceedings:

Bobby Devadoss is a former federal agency attorney who now advocates for federal sector employees in MSPB cases and other facets of federal employment and labor law. We will fight to protect your job and your future prospects.

Free Consultation – Reasonable Fees

Contact us to discuss your case with a Dallas MSPB attorney. We offer free case evaluations, and our fee structures are designed to meet your needs. If we are successful, we will request that you be reimbursed for your attorney’s fees, back pay, medical costs and other costs your agency would normally have covered.