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Employee Investigations of Federal Workers in Atlanta

Georgia Employee Misconduct Lawyer

If you believe that employee investigations are neutral, you are mistaken. They are not designed to exonerate you. They are designed to find something against you. They are the first step toward disciplinary actions. These investigations can result from anything, including allegations of improper conduct or anonymous complaints. No matter why you are being investigated, you have the right to retain an experienced attorney as soon as possible.

Has a federal employee investigation been initiated? Call an attorney from The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., today at 888-351-0424 or send us an e-mail to arrange a free consultation. We are committed to ensuring that your rights are protected.

Allegations of Criminal or Noncriminal Activity

The nature of the allegations against you has a major impact on your case, starting with the warning you are given. Depending on whether the allegations are criminal in nature or not, you will be given either a Miranda warning or Garrity/Kalkines warning. Each is different, so you must pay attention. The Miranda warning provides the right to remain silent. The Garrity/Kalkines warning directs you to honestly answer federal investigators’ questions.

Receiving different warnings is only one of the issues that make employee investigations complex. Having an experienced federal employment law attorney on your side ensures that you will be able to navigate through the process safely. We will keep you informed about your rights and proper procedure. We will put our knowledge to work to help you avoid criminal charges or disciplinary actions of any kind.

Free Consultation — Reasonable Fees

Contact us to discuss your case with an Atlanta federal employee investigations lawyer. We offer free case evaluations, and our fee structures are designed to meet your needs.