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Employment Lawyers Serving Veterans Working For the Federal Government

Federal Employment Attorneys Serving Government Employees Throughout the U.S.

Federal law in the United States recognizes the contributions that veterans have made to our country. Those who served in armed forces during certain wars and conflicts and veterans who are disabled are entitled to certain protections and benefits as a result of their sacrifice. At The Devadoss Law Firm, PLLC, we also appreciate what military veterans have done for our nation, and we are committed to giving back to those who once risked everything. In particular, our federal employment attorneys take a special interest in veterans who are working in federal government jobs.

Unfortunately, veterans are not always treated with the respect and compassion they deserve, even from federal employers. If you are a veteran who is employed by the federal government of the United States and you are not being treated properly, we are here to help

Veterans’ Preference in Hiring and Retention

The Veterans’ Preference Act of 1944 originally created the concept of giving armed services veterans preference in hiring for federal jobs. Since the Act was enacted, it has been amended several times, but under its current form, the law still provides for veterans’ preference. Under this law, disabled veterans and veterans who served on Active Duty during specified periods or in certain military campaigns are to be given preference over other applicants. The law also gives the same veterans preference for retention during federal reductions in force.

Veterans’ preference applies to nearly all federal jobs, including competitive and excepted service jobs. In addition, veterans may also receive consideration for select non-competitive appointments for which non-veterans are not eligible. The preference does not apply to promotions, reassignments, transfers, or reinstatements.

Stressful Times Can Exacerbate Old Problems

The last few months have been unlike anything our country has ever seen before. In these stressful times, many of our veterans have experienced flare-ups of their service-related physical and mental health concerns. When a service-related health concern affects a veteran’s ability to do his or her job, a federal government employer has an obligation to make reasonable accommodations for the veteran. The employing agency must also treat the veteran with compassion and respect. Failure to do so could potentially be seen as discrimination on the basis of an employee’s veteran status—which is also a violation of federal law.

Our Federal Employment Lawyers Can Help

At The Devadoss Law Firm, PLLC, our federal employment lawyers are dedicated to helping you as a veteran secure your career. We understand that your employment is more than just a job to you. If you are having difficulties at work, and your employer is not responding properly or offering the accommodations you need, our team can help you explore your available options.

Depending on the situation, you may be eligible for:

  • Disability Benefits: The Veterans Administration offers monetary benefits to veterans with disabilities incurred or aggravated during active military service. Your benefits may vary based on the degree of your disability.
  • Retirement: If you meet certain age, disability, income, and net worth requirements, you could qualify for monthly payments through the Veterans Pension program. The Veterans Pension program could also provide you with benefits for a non-service-connected disability.
  • Workers’ Compensation: As a federal employee, you are entitled to benefits administered by the Office of Workers’ Compensation if you have been injured or become ill while performing your job duties. If you exacerbated a service-related injury or illness, you might still qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

To get the help you need in obtaining federal job-related accommodations or the benefits to which you are entitled, contact the federal employment attorneys at The Devadoss Law Firm, PLLC. With offices in Washington D.C., Atlanta, and Dallas, we serve government employees across the country.