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Whistleblower retaliation could lead to DoD waste and fraud

Whistleblowers play an invaluable role in the federal government. They serve as the taxpayer’s eyes, ears and voice. By calling out waste and fraud, they ensure that the government works for the people it’s meant to serve.

Was the removal fair, or was it retaliatory?

Many federal employees are motivated largely by their devotion to the public good. They show this devotion when they choose to work for their nation instead of working in more lucrative private sector jobs. Many also show it when they report agency abuses at their own risk.

How political attacks are harming career employees

As United States politics have become increasingly polarized, federal employees are getting caught in the crossfire. You might expect political backlash against political appointees. It’s hardly shocking that others see political ties between these employees and the officials who appointed them. But career employees are supposed to be safe from such political ties. Sadly, they’re not.

Government may ease barriers to firing federal employees

A 2015 report from the Government Accountability Office state it takes six months to one year to dismiss a federal employee. It states the “time and resource commitment” to remove poor performing employees “can be substantial.”

Nuclear worker claims retaliation after voicing safety concerns

The United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has stated it expects nuclear power plants to operate in a "safety-conscious work environment" that allows employees to "raise safety concerns." An employee of one such power plant states she was illegally fired after she voiced safety concerns to management.

Naval academy professor wins MSPB review

A naval academy professor was recently fired after students allegedly complained he acted inappropriately during class. The professor, who has taught as a civilian member of the facility for over three decades, challenged the federal agency’s personnel decision and took his appeal to the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB).

FBI agent fired, accuses Justice Dept of constitutional violation

A former Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) agent has filed a lawsuit against the Justice Department and the FBI claiming the agencies violated his constitutional rights. The claims stem back to the termination of his position last year. The agent states the FBI terminated his position in violation of his constitutionally protected right of free speech after he made negative comments about President Donald Trump.

Firefighter wins case against government employer

Working for a government employer can provide wonderful opportunities as well as unique obstacles. Employees who believe they are treated unfairly by a government employer are familiar with these obstacles. This is because the process to hold a government employer accountable for such actions is much different than that used in the private sector.

Will government employees face increased scrutiny?

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) recently released a memo pushing federal agencies to "strive for demanding metrics" when evaluating employees. The OPM states federal agencies should use demanding metrics to help properly reward outstanding workers.

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