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Are you undergoing a workplace investigation? Here are 5 reasons to talk to a lawyer

On Behalf of | Jul 9, 2024 | Firm News

Finding out that you are under investigation at work, especially in a federal job, can be quite unsettling. The consequences of such investigations can be severe, including disciplinary actions, being put on a performance improvement plan, or even losing your job. These outcomes can significantly affect both your career and personal life. How can talking to a lawyer help you during this time?

An attorney can help you understand your rights and the investigation process.

One key reason to hire a lawyer early on is to protect your rights. Federal employees have specific rights under various complex laws and regulations. A lawyer can explain which rights apply to your situation and suggest the best actions to take.

Legal guidance can help you navigate federal employment law.

Federal employment law includes many laws, regulations and precedents. An attorney with experience representing federal employees can clarify these laws for you. Their insight into the process can also help you collect necessary documents, prepare you for interviews or hearings and develop a defense strategy.

A lawyer can advocate for you.

Having a lawyer means you have someone to actively support you. Your lawyer can talk to the investigators on your behalf, making sure they hear and consider your side of the story. They can also negotiate to possibly prevent severe outcomes and aim for a more favorable resolution.

Skilled legal guidance can boost your confidence during the investigation.

Going through an investigation can be mentally and emotionally exhausting. The uncertainty and possible consequences can cause a lot of stress. A lawyer can handle the procedural details and reassure you about the process, giving you a sense of security and reducing your anxiety.

An attorney can help you protect yourself from retaliation.

Retaliation is a serious concern in workplace investigations. If you speak up about an unfair investigation, you shouldn’t have to face demotion, pay cuts, firing or other negative actions as a result. A lawyer can spot any signs of retaliation and address them quickly, providing an extra layer of protection against unfair treatment.

If you are facing a workplace investigation, especially in the federal sector, getting a lawyer should be a priority. Do not go through it alone— the benefits of hiring an attorney and protecting of your career and reputation are worth it.


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