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Dallas Federal Employment Law Firm Announces Winners of Biannual Scholarship Competition

On Behalf of | May 2, 2023 | Firm News

Devadoss Law Firm is pleased to announce the winner of its Civil Rights Scholarship for the Spring of 2023 semester. Kayla Torres has been awarded $1,000 to use for educational expenses this semester. She is a junior at Cornell University, where she majors in Industrial and Labor Relations and double-minors in Business and Law.

Torres impressed the attorneys with her dedication to safeguarding privacy rights for workers. She distinguished herself and impressed the attorneys by raising unique issues related to employee privacy in the age of social media and work-from-home. In her essay submission, she raised fascinating points regarding the difficulty of working from home and retaining privacy, especially for those who live in low-income housing and parents.

Devadoss Law Firm is dedicated to staying in front of rising social justice and civil rights issues. The firm is largely focused on safeguarding the rights of federal employees and correcting violations of a federal employee’s rights through legal action. The attorneys often work on cases where an employees civil rights have been violated through discrimination or infringement on equal opportunity laws.

Giving back to their community is an important goal for the law firm, and one that it hopes to further through its Civil Rights Scholarship Program. Interested students may view the full list of requirements and submit an application essay by visiting: https://www.fedemploymentlaw.com/the-devadoss-law-firm-civil-rights-scholarship/

About Devadoss Law Firm

Devadoss Law Firm is a federal worker rights law firm with locations in Dallas, Texas, Atlanta, Georgia, and Washington D.C. The firm handles cases involving Federal Workers’ Compensation, Equal Employment Opportunities, and Employee Investigations and Discipline.

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