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Workplace retaliation: sadly, more common every year

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2021 | Employee Rights

Any given American workplace might spell utopia for select employees, but the reality surrounding most work environments is that on-the-job upsides are tempered by imperfections.

And that is nowhere more apparent in many companies and varied work venues than in noted discrepancies concerning the treatment of workers.

Put another way: Not all employees are treated in an equally fair and dispassionate way. In fact, some suffer harsh and unilateral reprisals linked with company behavior that is clearly unlawful.

Perhaps that “some” descriptor should be modified. Candidly, research linked with reported workplace complaints underscores a monumental problem surrounding discrimination in workplaces nationally. Empirical data released recently by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission reveals a stunning 67,000-plus discrimination complaints filed with the agency during fiscal year 2020.

Extrapolated, that equates to this: nearly 185 reports of unlawful company behavior leveled at employees every single day of the calendar year.

The top-tier list of entrants comprising misbehavior and maltreatment is replete with wrongdoing that is likely unsurprising to many readers. High numbers of EEOC complaints allege discrimination based on one or more protected employee classifications long enumerated under high-profile federal laws and subsequent state enactments. Cases routinely spotlight mistreatment tied to employees’ disabilities, race, sex and other attributes.

Increasingly, though, it is employer retaliation that is being reported, with that charge accounting for well more than half of all discrimination claims filed with the EEOC last year.

As noted in one authoritative national legal source on employer retaliation in the workplace, retaliatory company behavior covers a lot of ground, with targeted employees commanding strong rights against maltreatment.

A proven pro-worker employment law firm can provide candid guidance and diligent representation in any manner involving employee rights and discrimination.


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