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American business giant targeted for discriminatory practices

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2021 | Employee Discrimination

Systemic racism.

That it is a worker-authored accusation viewed with dread by any American business enterprise.

Especially one that stands as a colossus among companies in terms of size and clout.

Tech giant Amazon is spotlighted in today’s blog post, and in a flatly unenviable way. A federal lawsuit filed earlier this month has company principals reeling, with a spokesperson denying the allegations while simultaneously conceding that Amazon still “has work to do” in fostering employee inclusion.

The litigation commenced on March 1 voices the complaints of an individual termed in a national publication as just “the latest Black Amazon employee to accuse the company of discriminatory practices.”

That person – who continues to be employed at Amazon – contends that the company has consistently discriminated against her and other Black workers in myriad ways. Among other things, her lawsuit alleges this:

  • Less pay for Black employees engaged in work similarly done by White counterparts at the company
  • So-called “de-leveling,” a practice of hiring Black job applicants at lower-level positions than what their experience and ability logically calls for
  • Inordinately long wait times between promotions
  • Notable lack of Black (especially female) participation in management/leadership positions

Such complaints are anathema to any commercial enterprise.

For Amazon, they are incendiary, and the company is understandably trying to salve reputational wounds by dampening criticisms via a generally positive spin. Amazon states that accusations spotlighting discriminatory practices do not accurately reflect the tech entity’s hard work “to foster a diverse, equitable and inclusive culture.”

We will keep readers duly updated on any material developments occurring in the litigation.


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