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Federal union officials’ message: re-empower our workforce

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2020 | Employee Rights

The National Treasury Employees Union is a notably prominent enterprise, representing scores of thousands of workers employed in federal agencies and departments across the country.

And its management has something to say.

In fact, the NTEU is notably eager to make a few points and publicly underscore some recommendations that its leadership stresses must be followed through on by the incoming presidential administration.

Simply noting that the union has been at odds with the current White House for several years starkly understates the entity’s sheer discontent. The entity has chafed under myriad governmental attempts to curtail its rights and prerogatives, and is now petitioning the new administration to “repair the damage.”

The NTEU addresses many of its grievances in a just-issued report that its principals obviously crafted following some material due diligence and preparation. The so-called “United for America” document spells out a set of recommendations it hopes the Biden-led government will pay due attention to and adopt. The NTEU underscores its hope for both newly enacted laws and a rollback of Trump-era union-targeted restrictions. Among other things, United for America urges the following:

  • Repeal of executive orders from 2018 that it believes were aimed at “making it easier to fire federal workers and weakening federal employee unions”
  • Rejection of additional orders seeking to reclassify select federal workers into categories lacking longstanding protections

The document also points explicitly at attempts to curb collective bargaining and other rights held by federal employees.

NTEU President Tony Reardon cites optimism concerning future developments. He stresses the union’s hope that the new administration will focus on “doing what is best for employees, for agencies and for taxpayers.”


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