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An employee’s proactivity can be key in a workplace investigation

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2020 | Employee Disputes

It’s your career.

Protect it.

That is advice we prominently deliver to readers of our blog posts at the Devadoss Law Firm. The attorneys spanning our national legal offices know above all else that workers facing material on-the-job challenges need to proactively address those hurdles to best defend themselves and safeguard their employment rights.

That is especially true in the federal workplace realm, a universe comprising hundreds of agencies and departments that features ever-expanding accretions of rules, policies and procedures employees must routinely deal with.

Workers in the federal sphere are collectively an impressively diverse demographic, bringing differing attributes and strengths to the workforce. That variance empowers American work venues, yet it can also spur discontent and conflict.

Problems can play out in different ways. A worker might in one instance be subjected to harassment or discrimination based on his or her race, national origin, age, sexual identity or some other factor. Management sometimes retaliates against employees who spotlight corporate wrongdoing or who are simply exercising their free-speech rights.  Workers can suffer blowback from employers or company insurers contesting their workplace injury claims.

As different as on-the-job challenges can be, one thing remains routinely true regardless of the specific problem an employee is facing.

That is this: Federal workers targeted in a discriminatory way or subjected to disciplinary action in a formal investigation need to meet that challenge head-on and in a purposeful way.

We stress “the importance of early intervention” on our firm’s website, noting that employee investigations are anything but neutral and that a worker responding to them passively courts potential problems.

Timely and proactive legal support from a team of proven employment law attorneys can help ensure that a challenged federal worker receives full due process and a just outcome.


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