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Safeguarding the workplace rights of pregnant employees

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2020 | Employee Rights

Are you pregnant and worried about virtually everything linked with your employment?

Many federal workers across the country fit that bill. They stress over singular requirements and restrictions that might be imposed on them. They think that their performance reviews will plummet, that managers will resent them taking time off for medical appointments, and that they could lose out on key company benefits. They worry over disparate treatment, and legions of them fear outright termination.

Any individual needing reassurance on those points and related concerns can turn to a proven employment law legal team for candid counsel and, when necessary, diligent representation.

Here’s a key point to note about federal workplace pregnancy protections: They are far broader and more entrenched than many people realize. Notably, the seminal Civil Rights Act of 1964 was amended in 1978 to incorporate workplace safeguards for pregnant employees.

Those protections are comprehensive, and they have teeth. Key safeguards for pregnant workers include these:

  • Application for all local, state and federal government employees
  • Similar treatment as all other temporarily disabled workers when needing adjustments in duty assignments or temporary leave
  • Full retention of health insurance during pregnancy
  • All offered benefits equally available to pregnant workers regardless of their marital status

Those bullet points only partially spotlight a much broader universe of protections applicable to pregnant federal workers. Laws that safeguard affected employees have steadily expanded over the years, with strong legal remedies existing for mistreated workers.

Questions or concerns can be addressed to an experienced employment law firm.


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