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Important things to know about federal workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2020 | Employee Discrimination

Many readers of our blog posts might think that federal job discrimination comprises a relatively straightforward and narrow category. That is, the topic is centrally about employers engaging in unlawful hiring and firing practices.

Right? At its core, isn’t what workplace discrimination is all about?

We submit at the national legal offices of The Devadoss Law Firm that a full understanding of illegal discrimination in federal work venues entails appreciation of far more than mere hiring and firing behaviors.

Unlawful employment action in the federal job realm

Employers’ wrongdoing is often spotlighted at the hiring/firing stages, but it is hardly confined to that. We duly note on the website of our established pro-employee law firm that “many other unfair federal employer actions can also amount to illegal discrimination when based on protected characteristics.” Those broadly include these unlawful behaviors linked with a prospective or current worker’s race, age, sex, religion or additional classifications enumerated under both federal and state laws:

  • Disparate treatment in awarding company benefits
  • Denial of raises, bonuses and other compensation routinely received by other employees
  • Promotion of a hostile work environment, especially when coupled with harassment
  • Unfair job treatment (e.g, failure to promote, undesired transfers and inaccurate performance assessments)
  • Retaliatory behavior responding to whistleblower actions and other lawful on-the-job conduct

Responding to illegal workplace discrimination

An aggrieved federal worker or job applicant might reasonably want to consult with proven employment law attorneys without delay. As we note on our website, federal discrimination claims can be “incredibly complex and involve crucial deadlines and procedural requirements.”

We welcome contacts to our firm and the opportunity to provide further information.


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