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A viable workplace concern: questionable job termination

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2020 | Wrongful Termination

Here’s a solidly debunked myth: Bad employers exist only in the private sphere.

That assessment is not only off the mark, but proven flatly untrue by legions of federal workers across the country who have been victimized by problematic bosses and managers.

The behavior of work superiors is sometimes underhanded and unethical. Bosses unfairly pressure employees or selectively single them out for maltreatment. They subject them to comparatively long work hours. They deny them overtime, withhold promotions, relegate them to unjustly low positions and more.

That conduct is of course unfair.

It is also often deemed unlawful by federal regulatory overseers and courts.

When does a federal job loss spell a wrongful termination?

What comprises illegal on-the-job discrimination that results in a federal worker’s loss of employment? Are there specific factors that reasonably indicate a discriminatory discharge?

Indeed, there are. And we specifically spotlight them at The Devadoss Law Firm. We underscore on the website of our national employment law firm “protected characteristics” that serve as safeguards for any worker experiencing nefarious company conduct or retaliatory blowback against lawful employee behavior.

The enumerated list of taboo employer conduct is lengthy and comprehensive. A wrongful discharge claim can be supported by proofs showing discrimination based on sex, gender, race, national origin, religion, disability, pregnancy and additional matters.

How can a worker proceed in the wake of a wrongful firing?

A prompt and proactive response to a wrongful employment discharge is an imperative. An aggrieved worker reaching out to experienced and empathetic legal counsel can ensure that an employer’s unlawful conduct will be properly and timely addressed at the agency level and, if necessary, in court.

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