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Spotlighting union-linked protections for federal workers

On Behalf of | May 11, 2020 | Employee Law

America’s economic history is a long and complex tale. It is marked by longstanding challenges to the country’s vast and varied workforce and U.S. workers’ hard-fought employment protections secured over time.

Unions are at the heart of that story, especially in the federal employment sphere. We duly note the key role they play at the proven national employment legal offices of Devadoss Law Firm. We underscore “the right of federal employees to form unions as an important, and often critical, aspect of federal labor law.”

What safeguards can unions secure for federal employees?

The protections secured by unions for America’s federal workers are many and vital. We stress on our firm’s website that employees form unions for myriad reasons, including “for collective bargaining purposes, addressing grievances and resolving disputes.” Experienced pro-employee federal law attorneys advocate for unions across a wide universe of matters, including these:

  • Disputes before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
  • Contract negotiations and breach of contract claims
  • Issues relevant to union organizing
  • Disputes surrounding union representation
  • Proceedings before the Merit Systems Protection Board
  • Appeals to key labor agencies

That last bullet point centers especially on the National Labor Relations Board and the Federal Labor Relations Authority, respectively. Those entities have broad powers to safeguard workers’ rights and manage employee-employer relations.

Federal union employees often confront issues relevant to labor law. A seasoned employment law legal team can safeguard their rights and work diligently to promote optimal outcomes to the challenges they face.


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