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OWCP: an acronym that injured federal employees will want to know

On Behalf of | Apr 20, 2020 | OWCP - Federal Workers' Compensation

Federal employees across the United States comprise a vast and varied demographic. Indeed, myriad sources routinely spotlight the federal government as the country’s largest employer.

Diversity reigns across that singular work realm, obviously, with scores of agencies and departments having specific rules and policies to guide their workers.

Commonality attaches too as regards certain programs, with their function and applicability being similar for all workers. One such initiative relates to federal workers’ on-the-job injuries. It is typically referenced in shorthand fashion through the acronym OWCP.

What is the OWCP, and what does its administration entail?

Spelled out, OWCP stands for the Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs. Here are a few program essentials:

  • No overlap with state law mandates and processes, having uniform applicability for federal workers nationally
  • Eligibility extended to every federal employee from the moment he or she commences work
  • No coverage distinctions based on classification (e.g., full-time, part-time and temporary workers all treated the same)
  • Dependent eligibility in instances of a covered worker’s death

What benefits does OWCP compensation provide for?

A federal worker filing a claim in the wake of an on-the-job injury is entitled to benefits that provide fair and comprehensive compensation. An award commonly addresses the following and related matters:

  • Lost job earnings
  • Medical expenses tied to injury treatment
  • Outlays for ongoing therapy and rehabilitation
  • Survivor benefits when applicable

Injured federal workers might reasonably seek to consult closely and in a timely manner with proven legal advocates. Experienced pro-employee attorneys who work knowledgeably on a national scale will strive diligently to secure for their valued and diverse clients all the injury-linked benefits they are entitled to under federal law.


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