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Pushing employees to retire: Can federal employers do that?

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2019 | Firm News

Retirement is something to look forward to – something many federal employees have earned after decades of dedicated service to the government.

When to retire is a decision each employee should be able to make for him or herself.

Unfortunately, some federal employers are treating those close to retirement unfairly – and illegally.

Instead of supporting them throughout the duration of their careers, some employers are making working conditions difficult for older employees. This is often done in an effort to get them to quit their jobs before retirement. What specifically are they doing?

  • Changing an employee’s job duties
  • Reassigning employees to different departments or positions
  • Suddenly requiring employees to travel or work long hours
  • Giving poor performance reviews, despite strong job performance

These are just a few examples of what employers are doing.

What can employees in this situation do?

First, it is important to remember that employees have a right to retire when they want to. No one should feel pressure to retire.

Second, this may be an example of age-based discrimination. This is illegal. Employees are protected by federal anti-discrimination laws.

Employees in this position may feel alone and unsure of what steps to take. They may fear job loss or retaliation for speaking out.

It is advisable for employees to discuss their rights and legal options with a federal employment law attorney as soon as possible.


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