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Feeling pressure to retire? It may be age discrimination.

On Behalf of | Apr 16, 2018 | Employee Discrimination


Age discrimination is an issue that can affect any workplace.

Although there are many forms of age discrimination, one example is widespread and quite shocking: Employers pressuring older employees to retire.

The conduct may be subtle or more straightforward. The employer may start questioning the employee about his or her retirement plans. The questioning may be ongoing.

Other times, employers may treat older employees poorly. Some employers will make working conditions so intentionally bad – so hostile – that older employees will feel pushed to retire. Often, this is much earlier than they had ever expected to retire.

Here are some things employees should know about age discrimination:

  • Employees should be able to retire when they want to. If you feel pressure from your employer to retire, or if you have already retired due to employer pressure and think you may have experienced age discrimination, it is advisable to speak to an employment law attorney.
  • Age discrimination is illegal. It is against the law for your employer to discriminate against you. There are numerous laws that protect employees against age discrimination. Generally, workers who are 40 or older are protected.
  • There are many examples of age discrimination. Pressure to retire is only one example of age discrimination. When an employer treats an employee unfairly due to age – making inappropriate jokes, assigning undesirable job duties, questioning a job applicant about his or her age, etc. – age discrimination may be occurring.

Victims of age discrimination deserve to learn about their legal rights and options.

Free consultation: The Devadoss Law Firm, P.L.L.C., represents federal employees in age discrimination cases. Call 888-351-0424. We represent clients nationwide.


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