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October 2015 Archives

Fired House panel investigator claims politics cost him his job

Let's face it, office politics have been around forever. Some might even argue that the tempting in the Garden of Eden amounted to just such a ploy on the part of the serpent. But in government employment, except for the very highest positions, politics isn't supposed to be a factor. The laws protecting federal workers from illegal retaliatory action are clear in this regard.

What if I suspect violation of veterans' preference rights?

Those who volunteer to serve our country in the military sacrifice a great deal. Most would agree that the pay isn't great. That may be made up for in some respects through the benefits that may be provided, but there can be gaps.

Early action and prep are often key in federal employee fights

Both political parties have now paraded their presidential candidates before voters in nationally televised debates. If you have ever listened with a particularly critical ear you likely have been struck by the fact that a whole lot of words are spoken without a whole lot of position actually being conveyed. That's not an accident.

How important is a paper trail in fighting wrongful termination?

The movie "All the President's Men" tells the true story of how intrepid reporters broke the Watergate Scandal that ultimately sank the presidency of Richard Nixon back in the 1970s. The source of the most damning leads was a person identified at the time only as "Deep Throat." And a single Deep Throat line from the movie has since become a common idiom in American culture. "Follow the money."

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