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February 2020 Archives

Can the government purge disloyal employees?

If you work long enough in the federal government, you’re going to work under an administration with which you disagree. That’s to be expected. The nation’s moods often swing back and forth, and our elections give the nation a lever for change.

Why it’s more important than ever to think before signing a PIP

Anyone who’s worked as a federal employee for any length of time knows how important it is to receive a good performance evaluation. Your evaluation drives your pay increases and your chances of landing a promotion or an exciting new role.

What happens when you appeal a disciplinary action?

As a federal employee, you have the right to challenge unfair disciplinary actions. This is important because agencies don’t always follow the law. They may sometimes act in ways that are arbitrary, biased or politically motivated. But challenging these bad decisions is rarely easy.

Sexual orientation no longer protected by the Dept. of Interior?

As an American, you expect the government and courts to uphold your civil rights. As a federal employee, you may be subjected to the quiet erosion of those rights. Especially if you’re a member of the LGBTQ community.

Myth versus fact: OPM disability retirement

When you applied for your federal job, you may or may not have known it, but you signed up for a career full of paperwork and bureaucracy. Sure, there are plenty of good things about federal employment, such as the chance to serve your nation and make a difference. But the paperwork can be downright ugly at times.

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