Firing federal employees just got easier

On Behalf of | Jun 14, 2018 | Employee Rights

In May, President Trump signed a series of executive orders that make it easier for federal agency management officials to fire employees. The orders affect approximately two million federal employees.

To some, it may seem like a business-friendly move. The intent is to improve federal efficiency by eliminating “poor performers”.

Unfortunately, it is very rarely applied in such a way.

Federal employers are using this newfound “power” to fire employees who they don’t like.

They are also using this as an excuse to fire certain classes of employees, such as older employees or employees of a certain race or religion, for example.

Managers have more freedom to take disciplinary action against employers, where before, they had to take a series of specific administrative steps.

This affects employees across the country who work in all federal agencies.

Many public-sector unions are opposed to the new executive orders, and house democrats have also come out in opposition.

Federal Employees: Don’t Wait To Take Action

What should you, as a federal employee, do if you suspect unfair treatment by your employers?

If you have been suspended, demoted or removed from your position in light of the new executive orders, you should take prompt legal action. As soon as you receive notification from your employer (of an investigation, disciplinary action or poor performance), consider scheduling a free consultation with a federal employment law attorney.

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