Don’t be a victim of floating performance standards

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2017 | Employee Rights

Lately our firm has been hearing from some federal employees concerning unfair treatment during performance reviews. This is the pattern that is emerging from our discussions:

It appears that performance standards are being manipulated in order to dismiss or demote federal employees who are disliked by senior executives.

Lack of leadership at the top

It’s no secret that the Trump Administration has been slow in filling key executive positions in numerous federal agencies. This has created a vacuum in terms of goals, policies and procedures in several organizations. Lower level employees in these agencies don’t know what their performance expectations are and when their performance review comes along, a floating, arbitrary or unfair standard is applied.

The result? Management is using these “performance issues” as a pre-text for discrimination and retaliation. Dedicated federal employees are suffering adverse employment actions such as termination or demotion in violation of their due process rights.

What you need to do

If you are a federal employee who senses that management is accusing you of “bad” performance or setting you up for a poor review, you need to take immediate action. Simply trying to wait it out or hoping for the best is not wise. Time is of the essence and not addressing the problem promptly will cost you dearly.

Speak with an experienced federal employment attorney as soon as possible.