Are you clear on what you’re entitled to under OWCP law?

On Behalf of | Sep 1, 2016 | OWCP - Federal Workers' Compensation

No one likes to be pigeonholed. This may be particularly true of residents of Texas. Being stuck in a category may leave you feeling stripped of your individuality or reduced to a number. Unfortunately, when it comes to working for an organization as complicated as the federal government, some regimentation becomes necessary.

That does not mean that you have to don steel-gray coveralls, stand in line like a drone and let the chips fall where they may if you have a beef with your employer. If you’ve been discriminated against, are facing adverse disciplinary action, or seek to collect the federally managed workers’ compensation benefits you are due after suffering injury or illness on the job, your case is unique to you and working with an experienced attorney who understands you and the system can be crucial.

The array of federal disability compensation programs in place serves as a prime example of the categorization factor we’ve been talking about. Special laws cover the administration of compensation for workers through four different programs.

To get the full measure of assistance you deserve, you need to be sure that you understand which of the programs apply to your situation. Then you have to navigate the application process properly. A denial and the need for an appeal can surface at any number of points. Clearing all the hurdles can begin to make you feel like you’re in a steeplechase.

Whether you a federal worker in Texas, Georgia, the District of Columbia or anywhere else in the U.S., help in obtaining the benefits you are entitled to is available. The way to learn more is to speak to a skilled attorney to get a free case evaluation.