Does alleged health fraud case pose risk to any federal workers?

On Behalf of | Dec 8, 2015 | Wrongful Termination

Termination from a job can happen for all sorts of reasons. Some of them may be justified. But such actions have been known to happen for retaliatory purposes or as the result of an effort by higher ups in an agency to try to fend off possible repercussions from some sort of scandal.

We raised this as an issue in one post back in April. In that item we talked about the fallout that was spreading as a result of scandal that rocked the General Services Administration back in 2010. Among those who became targets of action during that situation were two officials fired by the GSA. As we noted, though, they were able to see their firings reversed. The Merit System Protection Board ruled they had been wrongfully terminated.

What brings this to mind is a new scandal that recently made headlines throughout Texas and the rest of the country. Twenty-eight individuals from around the Dallas-Fort Worth area face charges in connection with a case of alleged fraud that bilked the Office of Worker Compensation Programs out of nearly $9 million.

According to reports, the individuals in the alleged health care fraud scheme include four medical care providers, a medical office employee, 21 former federal employee claimants, a claims representative and one senior claims examiner from the Department of Labor. All 28 defendants have submitted documents indicating their intentions to plead guilty.

Federal prosecutors say the defendants ran a wide-ranging scheme that included the payment of bribes, the delivery of unnecessary treatments, submission of claims for treatments that were never made and the filing of fraudulent medical documents.

Activities like this, conducted on such a large scale can sometimes lead to innocent individuals being pulled into the current of things without knowing what’s happening. Anyone who feels they have been targets and suffered illegal job actions as a result should seek an experienced attorneys help to learn what their options are for fighting back.