EEOC finds frequent grounds for discrimination dismissals

On Behalf of | Sep 22, 2014 | Employee Discrimination

If you work for a federal agency and have suffered some type of employment discrimination, from sexual harassment to a hostile working environment or unlawful retaliation, you may decide to sue your agency. On the other hand, your agency may be investigating you, and it is that investigation that is driving the hostile environment or retaliation.

You may have a significant, professional position, with years of experience within the federal bureaucracy and based on an advanced degree. You may wonder if you really need an attorney to file your discrimination claim.

A recent report from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) suggests you should strongly consider hiring an attorney experienced with discrimination claims. The report found that 81 percent of claims that were dismissed by the agency and that were later reversed by the EEOC involved “a failure to state a claim or failure to comply with regulatory time limitations.”

If the meaning of those two terms is not clear, then you may want to hire an attorney. A failure to state a claim is how courts and other adjudicative bodies refer to complaints that may state a problem, but not one on which legal relief may be granted.

In the cases the EEOC reversed, it may have been an issue of “inarticulate pleading,” meaning you may have a valid claim, but it is stated in such a confused and incoherent fashion that it is not clear from your statements that you do, in fact, have a claim at all.

An attorney from the Devadoss Law Firm understands the proper language needed and how to state your facts and arguments into the most compelling statement of your discrimination claim.

The time limitation issue involves a failure to properly understand the time limits of claims, and failing to act within those deadlines. Some employment claims have relatively short deadlines and an attorney can help you meet those deadlines.

Legal actions contain many procedural requirements that may not make sense or be understandable to a non-attorney. At the Devadoss Law Firm, we work to protect your claim and your career by providing knowledgeable legal assistance for your claim.