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June 2013 Archives

Federal employees could be fired for silence?

In the ongoing Internal Revenue Service "scandal," one IRS official, Lois Lerner, refused to answer questions in front of a Congressional committee. More precisely, she invoked her Fifth Amendment right to refuse to answer questions that could be self-incriminating. A representative decided this should not be allowed, and has proposed legislation that would make invoking the Fifth Amendment grounds for immediate termination of any federal employee.

MSPB still expecting potential increase furlough appeals

The sequester and government agency furloughs may have dropped from the headlines, as the cable news cycle goes after the IRS and NSA stories, but the affects of the furlough are still moving throughout the federal agencies, and the legal actions resulting from those furloughs are beginning to enter the legal process.

OSHA whistleblower receives $820,000 settlement in job dispute

The U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OHSA) is responsible for enforcing many of the nation's laws governing workplace safety. One of their duties involves the collection of workplace injury reports from industry. A man who was responsible for that department at OSHA was fired for disruptive workplace behavior in 2007. He was a 25-year veteran of the agency, and had been known for his outspoken criticism of the agency's failure to adequately deal with the underreporting of injuries.

Retirements could add to stress for federal employees

The federal government is expecting a significant increase in the number of retirements it will see as the baby boom generation of workers ends their careers. This creates a number of challenges for many agencies. They will both lose line employees and subject matter experts and along with those employees, the supervisors and managers will be retiring in increased numbers.

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