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June 2012 Archives

Supreme Court will determine supervisor role in workplace discrimination case

The U.S. Supreme Court has recently agreed to review a case to determine who can be considered a workplace supervisor when it comes to federal employment discrimination claims. The Dallas area is home to many federal workers who will be interested to learn how the court's ruling could impact future discrimination lawsuits.

Supreme Court ruling impacts federal employee's path to dispute dismissals

Federal employees in Dallas who did not sign up for the military draft or those who have been fired because they did not sign up will be interested in a recent Supreme Court ruling regarding this very situation. The case that prompted the ruling was brought by a man who was hired by the Internal Revenue Service in 1991. In 2002, he was a candidate for a promotion. However, the IRS performed a background check, and at that time, they determined the man never signed up for the Selective Service. The man claimed he was unaware of the requirement, but he was later fired anyway.

Wage theft by employers increasing nationwide

Most Americans would agree that our country is in the middle of a serious economic struggle. Jobs are hard to find, and those that are available often do not pay decent wages. The circumstances are made even worse when employers skim money from their workers' wages. This violation of employee rights seems to be a phenomenon that has become a problem nationwide. Wage theft may be done through stealing tips from servers, denying overtime pay for hours worked and even failing to pay minimum wage.

Former Texas inmates struggle to find employment

Every year, the Texas Department of Criminal Justice releases approximately 75,000 inmates from prison back into society. One of the most important steps for an ex-offender to take upon release is to find lawful and stable employment. Not only are former offenders expected to become contributing members of society, they must find the financial means to support themselves. Sadly, many try and fail, ending up homeless and destitute on the streets, only to reoffend and wind up back in prison.

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