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What's the right forum for my wrongful termination appeal?

Due process is a bedrock principle of our legal system. For federal workers in Texas and across the country, it is also a foundational element of employment; providing civil servants with avenues to protect themselves against actions that might result in wrongful dismissal.

What process is due under federal job due process rules?

The concept of due process enjoys a long history. It's been around since before the United States began and is preserved as a core constitutional value in Texas and every other state. It is perhaps most associated with how the government is supposed to treat individuals suspected of criminal or civil wrongdoing to ensure quality of justice.

Federal laws protect you from retaliation, wrongful termination

Wrongful termination and retaliatory actions against an employee are major problems in employment law. The lives of people and families hang in the balance, and the fact that certain companies take an illegal or punitive course of action is outrageous. They are not allowed to fire or punish you for certain actions that you take.

For prominent TSA whistleblower, it's all about integrity

In our last entry, we turned the spotlight on internal strife that seems prevalent at the Transportation Security Administration. There are major concerns being raised about whether a culture exists within the agency that fosters an attitude of management retaliation against employees who speak out about problems.

Does my government employment guarantee me due process?

Every American citizen has a right to due process. That's the concept under the Constitution that says that the government can't treat any individual unfairly or arbitrarily. We may think that this theory of law only applies to someone charged with a criminal offense, but it also is one that applies in other areas of our lives.

Does alleged health fraud case pose risk to any federal workers?

Termination from a job can happen for all sorts of reasons. Some of them may be justified. But such actions have been known to happen for retaliatory purposes or as the result of an effort by higher ups in an agency to try to fend off possible repercussions from some sort of scandal.

Fired House panel investigator claims politics cost him his job

Let's face it, office politics have been around forever. Some might even argue that the tempting in the Garden of Eden amounted to just such a ploy on the part of the serpent. But in government employment, except for the very highest positions, politics isn't supposed to be a factor. The laws protecting federal workers from illegal retaliatory action are clear in this regard.

How important is a paper trail in fighting wrongful termination?

The movie "All the President's Men" tells the true story of how intrepid reporters broke the Watergate Scandal that ultimately sank the presidency of Richard Nixon back in the 1970s. The source of the most damning leads was a person identified at the time only as "Deep Throat." And a single Deep Throat line from the movie has since become a common idiom in American culture. "Follow the money."

Should the OPM director resign?

The fallout from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) data hack continues, as a contentious congressional hearing led to calls for the resignation of the OPM's leader. Members of a house committee attacked the OPM chief, claiming she is responsible for the data security failures that appear to have led to the hacking of OPM systems by what are presumed to be Chinese hackers.

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